Member Services

1. Monthly Distribution of The Journal of IEEJ (in Japanese)

The Journal gives interesting readings about the latest science and technology in the field of power and energy, power apparatus, electronics, information technology, materials and so on.

2. Monthly Distribution of The Transactions of IEEJ

A member can subscribe one free Transaction out of five. (If you wish to subscribe to another Transactions, we charge 6,000 Yen per book a year.)

3. Member discount on IEEJ publications

IEEJ publishes a large number of excellent books and offers them to members at a discount price.

4.International communication with relative associations, participation and cooperation with international conferences

– Delegation to international conventions by the source of IEEJ.
– Recommendation to people who has done distinguished services in electrical science and people who should be subsidized with research funds.

5.Association with foreign countries

China, South Korea, Hungary, Australia, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, India, England and USA Institutions of Engineers of these countries and IEEJ afford facilities each other by agreement on cooperation and affiliation.