Electronics, Information and Systems(code: C)

Electronics, Information and Systems Society is one of the five groups of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan(IEEJ), covering researching fields for electronics, information technologies, and system designs as its name represents for.

Details of interest are:

Electronic Materials; Integrated Electronic-Circuits; Optical & Quantum Electronics; Biomedical Engineering; Electronic Applications; Communication and Networks; Multimedia Technology; Sound and Image Processing and Recognition; Control and Measurement; Robotics; Neural Networks, Fuzzy, and Chaos Systems; System Engineering; Software and Information Processing; Electronic Commerce; etc.

As one of the group activities, monthly distribution of a group magazine (Publication of Electronics, Information and Systems Society) is published to the members. Group C is formed of 12 Technical Committees, each Technical Committee consists of dedicated Investigation Committees and/or Research Committee. Results of research and investigation from each Committee are disseminated to IEEJ members through Electronics, Information, and Systems Conference, technical reports, seminars, symposia, etc. Electronics, Information, and Systems Conference is one of highly valued conferences sponsored by Group C, held annually in the beginning of September. Advanced technologies, new concepts, and latest research results are freely debated by both industrial and academical experts at technical meetings. Seminars provide latest findings to help brush up skills and knowledge of the participants. Since the research activities of Group C cover wide and interdisciplinary area, co-sponsorship events with other organizations are made actively.

Technical Committees
  • Electronic Materials
  • Electron Devices
  • Optical and Quantum Devices
  • Electronic Circuits
  • Information Processing
  • Communications
  • Medical and Biological Engineering
  • Information Systems
  • Metabolism Society and Environmental Systems
  • Systems
  • Control
  • Perception Information
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