Industry Applications(code: D)

IEEJ Industry Applications Society (IEEJ-IAS) covers the following wide technical areas related with industrial applications: Transportation and Electric Railway, Metal Industries, Rotating Machinery, Semiconductor Power Converter, Industry Electric and Electronic Application, Production Facility Control, Industry Instrumentation and Control, Information Oriented Industrial System, Linear Drives, Intelligent Transport System, Public Plant Engineering, General Industries, and Vehicle Technologies. Activities of IEEJ-IAS are as follows.

The Transactions are published monthly. Both Japanese papers and English papers are acceptable for the Transactions.
Annual conference is held in August. Though the official language of the conference is Japanese, English papers and presentation in English are acceptable. In the conference, a science class for children is held to excite their interest in science and technology.
IEEJ IAS sponsors lots of international conferences, for example, International Power Electronics Conference (IPEC), Power Conversion Conference (PCC) and Linear Drives for Industry Applications (LDIA). The official language of the conferences is English.
Thirteen technical committees, belongs to IEEJ-IAS, survey the state-of-the-art research topics, publish technical reports, and hold technical meetings. The committees hold seminars, called “Industry Applications Forum”, to provide the results of the survey to not only IEEJ-IAS members and also non-members. The list of the technical committees is shown below.

Technical Committees

Transportation and Electric Railway
Metal Industries
Rotating Machinery
Semiconductor Power Converter
Industry Electric and Electronic Application
Production Facility Control
Industry Instrumentation and Control
Information Oriented Industrial System
Linear Drives
Intelligent Transport System
Public Plant Engineering
General Industries
Vehicle Technologies