International Activities Committee

Basic Concept on International Activities Committee

The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (IEEJ) will contribute to the growth of science and culture from an engineering standpoint through carrying out international activities, particularly in cooperation with Asia, for the purpose of: -Providing opportunities to exchange knowledge, share ideas, and send information regarding electricity, and -Supporting collaborations to conduct research and development, and expand utilization of electric technologies.

Main Tasks of the International Activities Committee (IAC)
  1. Supervising and supporting international conferences and technical meetings organized by IEEJ.
  2. Providing information on IEEJ activities through English web pages.
  3. Formulating general agreements of cooperation between IEEJ and overseas institutes of electrical engineers.
  4. Other related matters.
Committee Officers Fiscal Year 2011
Chairperson Masaru Ishii The University of Tokyo
Vice Chairperson Yoshizumi Serizawa Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
Toshihisa Funabashi Meidensha Corporation
Member Hirofumi Akagi Tokyo Institute of Technology
Hideyuki Oana Japan AE Power Systems Corporation
Soichi Koga Tokyo Electric Power Company
Toshiro Matsumura Nagoya University
Yoshiyuki Inoue Toshiba Technical Service International Corporation
Isao Iyoda Osaka Electro-Communication University
Hiroyuki Oohashi Toshiba Corporation
Minoru Sasaki Toyota Technological Institute
Toshio Shimada The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
Toshihisa Shimizu Tokyo Metropolitan University
Miwako Doi Toshiba Corporation
Observer Hitoshi Okubo Nagoya University
Hiroyuki Ohsaki The University of Tokyo
Atsuo Kawamura Yokohama National University
Yasukazu Seki Fuji Electric Holdings Co., Ltd
Shigetaka Takagi Tokyo Institute of Technology
Toshiki Nakano National Defense Academy of Japan
Hiroaki Nameki The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
Kazuhiko Hamamoto Tokai University
Naohiro Hozumi Aichi Institute of Technology
Ichiro Miki Meiji University
Masayuki Yoshida Hitachi, Ltd.
Secretary Kouki Morikawa Tokyo Electric Power Company
Hiroyuki Yusa Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry