Technical Meetings

The IEEJ holds open technical meetings covering all specialized fields in this technology in order to provide opportunities for members and nonmembers of the IEEJ to present and discuss papers. We hope that many people will join us.

Technical Societies

The technical meetings are held for the following five technical societies.

  • Fundamentals and Materials [Division A]
  • Power and Energy [Division B]
  • Electronics, Information and Systems [Division C]
  • Industrial Applications [Division D]
  • Sensors and Micromachines [Division E]

How to Listen in [Attend]

  • You need not to register beforehand to attend the technical meetings. Anyone can attend the meetings for free, regardless of IEEJ membership. (There is, however, a charge if you attend the general technical meetings in Division E.)
  • You can purchase technical meeting documents at the meeting place on the day of the meeting.
  • The date, place, theme, and other information about the technical meeting are released and updated regularly on the Japanese Web site. (Click here for more information JAP)
  • If you become a member of the IEEJ, you will receive e-mail magazines(in Japanese only) about the reports of the technical meetings. (Click here for an application).

Inquiries and Applications for the Technical Meetings

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