Author’s Guidelines for the Transactions of the Institute of Electric Engineers of Japan

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[1] Rules for Submission
1. Categories and Scopes of the IEEJ Transactions
2. Types of Submission, Requirements, and Definition of Released Publications
2.1 Requirements of Paper
2.2 Requirements of Technical Note
2.3 Requirements of Letter
2.4 Requirements of Discussion
2.5 Definition of Released Publications
3. Qualifications of the Authors
4. Copyright
[2] Manuscript Preparation
1. General Remarks
2. Language Limitations
3. Page Limitations (See Table 2)
3.1 Paper and Technical Note
3.2 Letter
3.3 Discussion
4. Manuscript Format
4.1 Manuscript Preparation
4.2 Manuscript Structure
4.3 Keywords
4.4 Writing the Main Text
4.5 References
4.6 Figures, Photographs, and Tables
4.7 Author’s Biography and Photograph
[3] Submission and Review Process
1. Submission Process
2. Submission
3. Receipt, Review, Resubmission, and Evaluation
4. Procedures Following Acceptance
4.1 Submission of Final Manuscript
4.2 Proofreading by the author
[4] Publishing Fees
1. Publishing Fees
2. Color Charges (TEEE print version only)
3. Reprints
4. Penalties for Failure to Pay for Publishing Fees
5. Support for Submission from Outside of Japan
Tables / Appendixes PDF
Table 1: Topical Categories and Scope of the IEEJ Transactions
Table 2: Types of Submission and Documents to be Submitted at Initial Submission
Table 3: Types of Submission and Documents to be Submitted at Revised Submission
Table 4: Publishing Fees
Appendix 1: Sample of Paper and Technical Note
Appendix 2: Guidelines for Figures, Photographs and Tables Preparation