How to Apply

  • Anyone can submit a paper for a technical meeting, regardless of IEEJ membership. (There is no submission fee.)
  • The list of technical meetings for some themes still accepting applications for papers and presentations. (Click here for application link *Unfixed: Japanese only)
  • Applicants are requested to fill out an application for research presentations and submit it to the Business Service Section of IEEJ as described below by e-mail, postal mail, or fax.
  • If you submit an application for a research presentation, we will inform you about receipt of your application within three days. If you don’t receive this information, please contact the Business Service Section.
  • MS Word Application form for research presentation (MS-Word file version)
  • PDF Application form for research presentation (PDF file version)
  • When a presenter at a technical meeting is under about 35, he/she is regarded as qualified for recommendation as a candidate for the Excellent Presenter Prize A, regardless of IEEJ membership, and an assessment of his/her presentation is conducted in parallel with the presentation. Therefore, please do not forget to fill in the birth date of the presenter, particularly for “Summary of Presentation (Application).”
  • As a general rule, when the program is arranged the secretariat of IEEJ will inform you about the date of the presentation and request a written paper by e-mail.
  • The closing date for the submission of papers will be included with the request for a written presentation.
  • Copyrights of papers submitted to the technical meetings shall, in principle, be transferred to the IEEJ.

Inquiries and Applications for the Technical Meetings

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The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan

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