Outstanding Student Presentation Award 受賞者


平成29年9月6日(水)~9月9日(土) − 9日(土)は技術見学会開催予定
サンポートホール高松 (〒760-0019 香川県高松市サンポート2-1)

No Title Presenter
SS1-2 Delay-coupled population dynamics of modified theta neuron with quenched variability Akihiko Akao (The University of Tokyo)
SS1-6 Emergency Voltage and Reactive Power Control Using CCDE Naoki Kawamoto (Osaka Prefecture University)
SS2-3 Topology optimization of rotating machine using particle swarm optimization Xuanqi Liu (Hokkaido University)
SS2-8 Measurement of Landslide Disaster by Telemetric Sensing Node Network Masanori Honma (Ritsumeikan University)
SS3-4 Study on the comparison of the difference of Reaching between the real and the virtual environment using HMD Kazuki Hiramoto (Tokai University)
SS3-8 Transformation from Frontal Face Detector to Multi-view Face Detector by Mirror Reversal Haitian Sun (Iwate University)