Outstanding Student Presentation Award 受賞者


平成30年9月5日(水)~9月8日(土) − 8日(土)は技術見学会開催予定
北海道大学 工学部 (〒060-8628 北海道札幌市北区北13条西8丁目)

No Title Presenter
SS1-3 Effect of Spatially Changing SSVEP Stimulus in Reality and VR Environment Tsz Ching Wong (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
SS2-8 Improvement of Greedy Forwarding over MANET considering battery using 3 hop Information Punsapch Bumrungwong (Tokai University)
SS2-9 Sound Source Separation Using Complex Weighted Sum Circuits Shun Nishimaki (Tokyo Denki University)
SS3-10 A Study on Optimisation of Virtual Machine Placement by using Live Migration Kunihiko Sakurai (Tokai University)