Outstanding Student Presentation Award 受賞者


平成27年8月26日(水)~29日(土) − 29日(土)は技術見学会開催
長崎大学 文教キャンパス (〒852-8521 長崎県長崎市文教町1-14)

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SS1-7 Conducted Noise Suppression Method for GaN-based Totem-pole Bridgeless PFC Converter Baihua Zhang(Kyushu University)
SS1-9 Application of the Principle of LC Cancellation to Rotary Transformer Used in Ultrasonic Spindle Yafei Gao(Kyushu University)
SS2-5 Study of Influence of Magnetic Flux on Semiconductor Switches in High-Power-Density Isolated DC-DC Converter Tomoya Koga(Nagasaki University)
SS2-7 Regulation Characteristics of Digital Boundary Current Control DC-DC Converter Jizhe Wang(Nagasaki University)
SS3-6 Efficiency Improvement in a Series-Parallel Asymmetrical Half-Bridge Converter Utilizing Low-Voltage MOSFETs Susumu Shibauchi(Tokyo University of Science)
SS3-8 Examination of the method to reduce commom-mode noise in asymmetry length differential signal lines Daisuke Kihara(Saga University)
SS4-1 Optimal Battery Assignment Method by Response Surface Method with Radial Basis Function Networks against N-1 Line Accidents with Node Voltage Constraint Nobuaki Takase(Chiba University)
SS4-3 A Study on Multi-point Search Combinatorial Optimization Method Based on Big Valley Structure Masahide Morita(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
SS5-5 Design of a Data-Oriented Control System for Walking Support Takuya Kinoshita(Hiroshima University)
SS5-7 Derivation of Solvability Condition of Output Feedback Control Assuming the Existence of Output Observation Noise Hiroto Kirita(Hiroshima City University)
SS6-6 A Simulation Model of Insulin Granule Dynamics in Pancreatic Beta Cell Using Tensor Field Yuko Nakakuki(Kobe University)
SS6-8 Picture Books Evaluation by Adult Readers Tomomi Nomura(Keio University)
SS7-2 Performance Evaluation of CSD Coefficient FIR Filters Design Using ACO Tomohiro Sasahara(Tokyo Denki University)
SS7-7 Hybrid Scatter Search for dynamic job shop problem Yedan Wu(Waseda University)