Outstanding Student Presentation Award 受賞者


平成28年8月31日(水)~9月3日(土) − 3日(土)は技術見学会開催予定
神戸大学 六甲台第2キャンパス (〒657-8501 兵庫県神戸市灘区六甲台町1-1)

No Title Presenter
SS1-6 Design of IIR Filters Having Null Frequency Using PSO Haruna Aimi(Tokyo Denki University)
SS1-8 Optimization of supply chain allocation problem in dynamic environment by NSGA-II Yifan Ye(Waseda University)
SS2-6 Analysis of Shape Factors for Contour and Pattern of Shrimps Using PCA Akihiro Makiguchi(Gifu University)
SS2-7 Improvement of Vehicle Detection Method by Using PLS Hough Transform Junpei Inukai(Gifu University)
SS3-3 Diagnosis Method for Lung Disease Based on Breath Interval Extraction Yuki Nakagawa(Tokyo Denki University)
SS3-8 Cross-Bispectrum Analysis of EEG in Seat Angles Shintaro Imai(Keio University)
SS4-1 Autonomous Stabilization of Exercise Intensity by Wireless Body Area Network System Rusli Muhammad Azary(Ritsumeikan University)
SS4-10 High Slew Rate, Low Power Operational Amplifier Using Capacitance Multiplier Compensation and Slew Rate Boost Circuit Xinwei Liu(Tokyo Institute of Technology)