about Fundamentals and Materials Society

The Fundamentals and Materials Society (FMS) covers fundamental fields which are common to applications of electrical engineering, such as electric power and energy, electronics and information and systems, industrial applications, sensors and micromachines. The present activities of FMS, expressed in terms of its 10 technical committees, are Research and Education, Electromagnetic Theory, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Light Application and Visual Science, Instrumentation and Measurement, Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, Metal and Ceramics, Magnetics, History of Electrical Engineering, and Electrical Discharges, Plasma, and Pulsed Power. Based on these fields, FMS aims to pioneer new fields and play a leading role in the development of IEEJ, especially by treating new technologies whose applications are still unclear and helping their growth until their applications become well-defined, and also by treating a wide range of fundamental leading technologies.

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