about Power and Energy Society

At present, electric power and energy systems are essential for our life. Power and Energy Society has a long and glorious history, and covers the following wide research areas relevant to the electric power and energy systems including new areas:

  1. Power apparatus
  2. High voltage engineering, switchgear and protection of power systems
  3. Energy technologies for nuclear power, and sustainable energy with attention to environmental aspects
  4. Technologies for control, protection and operation of electric power systems
Technical Committees

Static Apparatus
Switching and Protecting Engineering
Frontier Technology and Engineering
Nuclear Energy
Electric Wire and Power Cable
Power Engineering
High Voltage Engineering
Application of Superconductivity
Power Protective Relay
Power Systems Engineering

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Japanese Power System Models

On behalf of the technical committee of the Institute of Electrical Engineers in Japan (IEEJ) in charge of the standardization of power system models, the authors introduced in this paper a summary of 4 kinds of bulk power systems and 3 kinds of sub-transmission network models developed by this technical committee. These models possess the distinctive characteristics of Japanese power systems and they have been developed with the objective of providing common system models for engineers and researchers in power system engineering.