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The Industry Applications Society covers most extensive range of technical fields from some basic fields, such as power electronics, control theory and so on, to some practical application fields such as industry, traffic and so on. The latest research subjects include not only renewable power generations using fuel cells, photovoltaics, wind turbines, but also linear motor cars hybrid/electric vehicles, mechatronics and robotics and so on. You can get access to the wide knowledge from basics to state-of-the-art technologies in the growing fields from the day when you join us. Let’s study state-of-the-art technologies together with us today.

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Industry Applications Society Member’s Benefits

  • Journal of IEEJ and Transactions on Industry Applications The journal of IEEJ and the Transactions on Industry Applications (Transactions D) are published monthly. The journal covers the technology trends in electrical engineering, the explanatory article for students and so on. The Transactions D cover the state-of-the-art technologies in this field in the form of ordinary paper, invited papers for the special issues and so on.
  • Electric journal (J-Stage) Members can search and browse the Journal of IEEJ and transactions on Industry Applications on the web. On the J-Stage, IAS Members can read the journal and the transactions on Industry Applications published in the last ten years including the latest issue. Moreover, Journal@rchive stores the journal and all transactions from the first issue the published in 1888.
  • Industry Applications Society Newsletter The latest news of Industry Applications Society is promptly sent to the member. This newsletter includes the information of the annual IEEJ Industry Applications Society Conference and technical meetings. In addition, the information of the newly published technical reports and scheduled international conferences are also included. Moreover, the variety of explanatory articles such as Technical Development Report and Data Library is informative.
  • Attendance at a Society Meeting The member can attend annual conference of Industry Applications Society and IEEJ and the cosponsored international conference at a discount member fee. To attend annual conference is a good opportunity that you can access to the state-of-the-art technologies. In addition, you can get to know each other the researchers and engineers in this field from the whole world.
  • Member Special Prices for Publications The member can purchase the IEEJ textbooks and IEEJ technical reports at a special price only for members. These can also be purchased online from the IEEJ Electronic Library.
  • and … Furthermore all members have many other benefits, such as membership awards programs, attendance expense assistance programs for international conferences and so on.